Sleeping King Studios


The following projects are currently under development and/or in active use.


  • Language: Ruby
  • Source Code: GitHub
  • Rubygems: Link

A composable application toolkit, providing data entities, collections, and transforms. Architecture agnostic for easy integration with other toolkits or frameworks.


An opinionated implementation of the Command pattern for Ruby applications. Cuprum wraps your business logic in a consistent, object-oriented interface and features status and error management, composability and control flow management.


  • Language: Ruby
  • Source Code: GitHub

The Zinke gem implements the Reducer pattern in Ruby, as seen in JavaScript libraries like React and languages like Elm. This provides a Store that serves as a single, stable source of truth for stateful applications.

Other Libraries


rspec-sleeping_king_studios is a collection of matchers and extensions to ease TDD/BDD using RSpec. Extends built-in matchers with new functionality, such as support for Ruby 2.0+ keyword arguments, and adds new matchers for testing boolean-ness, object reader/writer properties, object constructor arguments, ActiveModel validations, and more. Also defines shared example groups for more expressive testing.

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