Sleeping King Studios


The following projects are currently under development and/or in active use.


  • Languages: Ruby, HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript
  • Source Code: GitHub

A content management system framework built on Rails. Under active development.



mongoid-sleeping_king_studios is a collection of concerns and extensions to add functionality to Mongoid documents and collections. Includes modular concerns for tree-based document lookup including ancestry caching, persistent configurable ordering of documents (e.g. to support next/previous article functionality), and human-readable text slugs from user-specified fields.


rspec-sleeping_king_studios is a collection of matchers and extensions to ease TDD/BDD using RSpec. Extends built-in matchers with new functionality, such as support for Ruby 2.0+ keyword arguments, and adds new matchers for testing boolean-ness, object reader/writer properties, object constructor arguments, ActiveModel validations, and more. Also defines shared example groups for more expressive testing.

Other Projects

Sprig Mongoid Support

  • Language: Ruby
  • Homepage: Link
  • Source Code: GitHub

Add support for Mongoid documents and collections to sprig. A pull request is pending at the time of writing.

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