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About Me

With earnest apologies to Sir J. M. Barrie and J. Michael Straczynski.

Who Are You?

My name is Rob Smith. I am a software engineer in New York City with a focus in web technologies and a background in mechanical engineering. I currently work as a senior software engineer in New York City and work on various projects in my spare time, some of which I showcase here. I am passionate about developing quality tools that are powerful, flexible, and accessible.

What Do You Want?

To put smiles on people’s faces. To tell stories that entertain, enlighten, and explore the intersections and boundaries of narrative and play. Or, in the words of Sharon Apple:

"It's what you want to give to each person. Your feelings, the feelings you believe they should have. To give to the one you love her greatest dreams. To give her the ultimate emotion - the feeling of total life, a vision of all the world's colours at once. That is the reason for my existence."

Where Are You Going?

Second star to the right, and straight on ‘till morning.

Who Do You Serve, And Who Do You Trust?

I currently work as a senior software engineer in New York City. My current professional focus is on web server development, but I have also worked with general web technologies and a range of platforms, as a game developer for an online social interactive network, and design and develop small game projects on the side.

I have also contributed to tabletop gaming sourcebooks for Blue Devil Games, including Tell It To My Axe! and Akashic Nodes.

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